Schools Design Challenge 2023 – Overcoming Limits

Posted 10 Nov

Lisa Bailey

We set a schools design challenge this year to think about how over the next 50 years our bodies might break out of the limits of life on earth to explore new environments in space, or in virtual environments, and the types of challenges this brings. Or how we overcome limits imposed by changing climates or availability of resources. Or a design solution for the problem of how we might repair, regenerate or augment our bodies in the future.

Here is a selection of the entries we receieved, tackling everything from endless energy, to managing waste, to teleportation for breaking down the ultimate travel barrier.

Dani, Year 10 Pinnacle College, Elizabeth East Campus – THE ECON


For centuries, people have been discarding and accumulating plastic, inorganic waste, and garbage in numerous sites across the globe. The case of Deonar in India illustrates the vastness of this issue.  There, massive piles of waste have accumulated, amounting to an astounding weight of over 16 million tons. The garbage is sprawling with all types of diseases, sicknesses and parasites. All of which drastically reduces the quality of life and is responsible for the deaths of millions. Rubbish simply cannot be removed.  Degradation takes too long, burning the rubbish releases carbon emissions, and relocating the trash only solves the problem for the short term. This is where the ‘Econ’ is introduced, a cutting edge technology capable of burning rubbish without releasing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
With my promoted product; the Econ, garbage will simply cease to exist, say goodbye to trash islands, mountains and oceans. Econ was inspired by the Singapore waste incineration plants, which are incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain. The color palette consists of red, yellow, blue and green.



Liam and Connor – Gleeson Secondary School – THE DYSON SPHERE

Rania, Year 10 Pinnacle College – TELEPORT ME

Poster for a novel teleport product by Rania from Pinnacle College

Teleport.Me 3.0 aims to improve human capabilities. This product is a teleportation device that aims to make transportation easier for humans. With this device, nobody will need a car, fuel, or time at all to get from one place to another. It is affordable at a price of only $4,300.  This product will also reduce all types of pollution because it does not require fuel, which pollutes the air. It also does not require excessive amounts of valuable resources to make. This product is vital for human progression in the future. I am sure Teleport me 3.0 will be the change this world needs desperately. 

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