Q:  How might we see the whole universe?

Light travels 300,000km every second. That’s 9 trillion km every year. If we want to look back in time, we only need to look up to the night sky, where light from the stars we see may have taken millions, or billions of years to reach our eyeballs.

Join our speakers to chat about space, time and the expanding opportunities that the space sector is bringing to South Australia.

Dr Ady James is an Associate Professor at UniSA where he teaches Systems Engineering, Space Studies and Space Science. He is Co-Director for the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program and the Director of Education & Training with the SmartSat CRC.
Dr Sabrina Einecke is a Postdoctoral Research fellow at the University of Adelaide. Her research focus is on gamma-ray astronomy and astroparticle physics combined with machine learning.

Facilitated by Dr Lisa Bailey, Senior Exhibitions Manager, MOD.

Free entry.