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When so many of our interactions take place online, social connection is more important than ever. Social connection is so meaningful. It’s important to feel like you have friends to back you up, a supportive team at work, and there are all sorts of benefits to communicating in your own language. These things impact us, our mental health, and our wellbeing.  

At MOD. you can explore the impact of reviving a dead language and think about the emotions connected to words you use online. Consider the role of using your phone at night – is it making you happier or sadder? – and, finally, consider what you need out of your workplace. 

Social connection in the community 

The Barngarla Language and Wellbeing Study is a five-year long project out on the Eyre Peninsula. It assesses the impact on mental health by the revival of the Barngarla language. This research has demonstrated huge improvements amongst the community, some of which you can hear about within the gallery. 

Social connection at home 

The Youth Resilience Survey looks at how young people feel about their mental health. We are focusing on the results around using your mobile phone at night time. Lots of the participants reported that if they used their phone at night they often received hurtful messages and didn’t sleep as well. On the other hand, many others reported that by using their phone at night they felt more connected to their friends. 

Social connection at work 

The Australian Workplace Barometer project researches our experiences at work. In the gallery, we are focusing on 18-25 year old Australians in particular. Explore and reflect on what a socially supportive workplace looks like and which industries are the most psychologically healthy. 

Social connection online 

The fourth element of this gallery is the Hedonometer, a giant hanging sculpture in the MOD. foyer. You can read more about it here. Within the gallery, contribute to real research by helping to rank words based on how sad or happy they make you feel.   

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We worked with a group of young people to review Connect For. Here’s what they had to say…

When you are at work you don’t think about these things. But then when someone asks you these questions then you get to know what sort of position you are in. If you are working and working and working then you don’t often stop and think about how happy or sad you are. I wish there were more questions! — Denish

Workplaces are our second family environment. It should be friendly and respectful always. It was good that most of the cups represented a safe work environment. — Abdul

Just because someone feels neutral about one word, other people might feel happy or sad. — Jacqueline