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Welcome, Operative, to F.A.B.L.E. – aka the Federated Association of Believers, Leaders, and Explorers. Your mission is simple: teleport on board this foreign spaceship and connect with the alien. As you explore this new world, there are protocols to follow. Make sure you check in with the alien as you go, follow the principles of consent, and achieve a two-way flow of information that will benefit both of our races.   

Inspired by the browser game Adrift, F.A.B.L.E. has been designed and brought to life by Monkeystack and Molten Immersive Art

Seriously gaming 

Imagine if you could use the immersive power of games to help you understand the world around you? There is a rising number of game developers trying to do just this. Serious games have covered topics like the refugee crisis, looking at First Nations perspectives, and combatting fake news. 

Adrift is a serious game developed by Quinn Crossley and Andrew Connell for Jennifer Ann’s Group and formed the inspiration for F.A.B.L.E. within the MOD. gallery. It was created to educate people about consent and sexual relationships. In Adrift, the player interacts with the ship’s AI, following instructions to safely save the ship’s memory cord.  

Navigating consent 

For most people, healthy relationships are key to lifelong pleasure. We might joke about being alone forever, but lots of people want at least someone by their side. Consent is really important when it comes to this. Consent is made up of a set of key principles: 

  • Consent is INFORMED – you need to know what you are getting into and be sober to say yes 
  • Consent is ACTIVELY GIVEN – you need to be enthusiastic! 
  • Consent is REVOKABLE – you can change your mind 
  • Consent is FREELY GIVEN – you don’t feel pressured to say yes 

We are getting better at talking about consent. More and more people know how and when to have the conversation. With the rise of #metoo, it’s also getting a lot more airtime, which really helps. It’s important that we keep having these conversations, and this is a great place to start. 

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We worked with a group of young people to review F.A.B.L.E.. Here’s what they had to say…

It made me feel like I was entering a new world. — Denish

There are all these things that you pull. You can hear people mumbling and it made me really curious. — Jacqueline

It feels like entering Rainbow Road. — Georgia

It’s really interesting. I’ve been having lots of discussions with my friends about consent and when you’re drunk or when you change your mind and this puts it into perspective. — Sara


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