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Posted 11 Feb


In case you’ve missed it, we’ve recently put out our second series of MOD.Cast looking at SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE. It digs into some of the facts behind Eucalara and we find answers to what the future may actually look like. We couldn’t have done it without Radio Adelaide, our producer, and our three journalism interns — Anna Day, Meika Bottrill, and Madina Jaffari — who wrote, interviewed, recorded, and hosted the whole series. Here’s a little insight into Anna and Madina’s experience.


Speaking to experts about the future of a range of industries—human genetics, space, transport, migration and liveable cities—was an eye-opening and, at times, mind-bending opportunity. If all goes to plan, our transport system in 2050 is going to be wild: Imagine never having to lug your bag to the bus stop again!

As a young adult, climate change and the turmoil of our current world are often on my mind and it’s easy to get bogged down in the doom and gloom narrative about our shared future. SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE, however, has given me optimism about Australia in 2050. A lot of the concepts and technology that I discussed with experts isn’t a lofty ideal of the future but is, instead, being developed and in some cases, used now. A recurring theme that came through from speaking with several different experts was the necessity of human cooperation and collaboration. It seems very clear that Australia’s future will be built by people from all walks of life working together.

— Anna Day


I had always been passionate about making a podcast, and so when the opportunity came, I took it right away and joined MOD.’s podcast production team through the University of South Australia. What started off as a mere passion as well one of my final year internships turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had so far.

With the help and guidance of exceptional mentors like Sarah and Nikki from Radio Adelaide as well as great resources at MOD., I was able to produce high quality podcast focusing on various topics that will hopefully be of an interest to Australian audience.

I’ve had a great time producing and interviewing some amazing individuals from all walks of life on issues surrounding climate change, education, food security, just to name a few. Alongside obviously learning valuable skills from the best, I’ve also been able to gain a broader perspective on what it’s like to imagine oneself in the future. This aspect was perhaps the most challenging part of the production, but it just goes to show why we need to think and act for the best of this earth and the changes we may face as result of our current actions today.

— Madina Jaffari


MOD.Cast is out now! Listen here or find us on your favourite podcast platform.

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