We’re closed, but more open than ever

Posted 1 Apr

Natalie Carfora

We closed our doors at MOD. two weeks ago and we aren’t sure when they will open again. At the moment, we are hoping that it will be sometime in August, but who is to know? This doesn’t mean we have stopped working, although now we are all busy working from our respective homes.

All around the world museums, galleries, and arts organisations are asking the same question: how do you convert something that is so deeply tied to the physical experience into an online one?

It’s been really interesting to talk this through. Our exhibitions are usually designed based on a list of design principles. To name a few, our exhibitions are participatory (usually you do something in them), they are open-ended (we ask questions, but don’t answer them), and they are audacious (they might not be what you expect). But how does this translate into a virtual space? What does MOD. look like online? We are going to be exploring these questions a lot more over the coming months.

Already in these last two weeks, we have hosted live-streamed tours of SEVEN SIBLINGS FROM THE FUTURE. We have pulled together an online exhibition, LIFE INTERRUPTED, and celebrated with a live-streamed launch party. Now we are working on what’s to come. We are hoping to continue our regular programming with things like panels, film screenings, and other ways to keep connected.

That’s our main goal, this keeping connected. In LIFE INTERRUPTED we ask what wellbeing and connection look like in this uncertain, disrupted world. We want to explore social connection, we want to think about fake news, and we want to look at the ways that we can still be creative at home, be it on Minecraft or with AI.

We hope that our online content is useful to you, that you find it engaging and distracting where you need it. Look after yourselves and the people around you. We’ll be here online for as long as you need us and then, when we can, we can’t wait to be with you in person again, too.

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