When you’re shut up in your house and you have consumed so much content that your eyes are beginning to feel a little square, maybe you want to try and do something else. It might be your first instinct to do something more creative. You can draw or write or muck around on that guitar, or maybe you could try something a little different.

We’re going to hit you with a big question: can an artificial intelligence make art? Google have been thinking about human creativity for years and have built a bunch of AIs to test this. And we even have the Machine Learning Institute over at the University of Adelaide who are giving it a go. You may not be a trained musician or artist, but perhaps you could collaborate with machines to make something completely new.

Try some of the experiments to see if you and AI can turn out a masterpiece.

  • conductor


    Semi-Conductor allows you to conduct your own orchestra of real instruments by moving your arms to change tempo, volume, and instrumentation.

  • shadow art

    Shadow Art

    Try your hands at the art of shadow puppetry, with a little help from AI.

  • steve-johnson-UYWzlJYF3wE-unsplash

    Art Snob

    Built by the Australian Institute for Machine Learning at The University of Adelaide, with Art Snob you can upload either a photograph or an artwork of your own creation and AI will write your artist label.

  • AI Duet

    AI Duet

    If you want someone to jam with but there’s no one else home, your computer can step in. With AI Duet, play some notes on your keyboard and the AI will respond.

  • unnamed

    Living Archive

    Wayne McGregor has been a choreographer for over 25 years and has built up an archive of moves. In this Living Archive, you can choose to strike a pose or choose from his selection of moves to choreograph your own dance.

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