It’s sometimes hard to make sense of all the conflicting and rapidly changing information, especially when a lot of it is nothing but fake news. Ithe last day we’ve heard everything from ‘if you’re drinking wine and it tastes bad that’s a symptom of the virus’ to ‘drinking water every 15 minutes can keep you safe’. It’s confusing and frankly stupid – and honestly how else did Toilet Paper Gate start? 

There may not be a vaccine yet for Covid-19, but there’s good news: there is a vaccine for fake news. Netherlands-based media group DROG produced this browser game for us a few years back, but it is still deeply relevant.  

While we trust that you don’t currently live in a fort made up of toilet paper and canned soup and you probably know better, you may as well take a course of Bad News Game just in case. Lucky for you it’s quick, painless, and you may even enjoy it.