A collection of short fiction, poetry, photography & illustration

Anthology.01 - WAKE

Amidst turbulence there is always room for dreaming. For imagining differently.

MOD. is Australia’s leading future-focussed museum, provoking new ideas at the intersection of science, art and innovation.

One of our working principles is to be participatory. We actively create opportunities for young people to contribute their ideas, to inquire and to explore through our exhibitions and programs. WAKE was created to respond to one of the most critical future issues we have as a planet - how humans interact with the ocean. These pieces allow us to hear the voices of young people so their perspectives and experiences are included as we dream of better ways.

We hope you enjoy WAKE.

Download: the WAKE zine as a PDF

The young voices who have contributed to the WAKE anthology include (in alphabetical order):

Alicia Houchin
Anna Nguyen
Bethany Slaughter
Briana McTier
Cecilia Vitor
Derrick Duan
Ella-Maude Wilson
Emily Doan
Hudson Trigg
Judah Cricelli
Louis Potter
Maia Trewartha
Meher Hussaini
Peta Miklik
Rachael Stapleton
Thomas Stalley-Gordon
Yuting Xiao

A special thanks to the judging panel who helped select the successful submissions:
Christian Lock - UniSA, Head of Painting
Rosina Possingham - MOD. Graphic Designer
Dr Kit MacFarlane - UniSA, Creative Writing Academic
Lana Guineay - Freelance Writer and Editor