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After noticing the environmental changes and the invasive species over the course of a lifetime, Julia is wary. They’ve built a bushfire refuge and they’re stocking up for the end of the world. The siblings dismiss Julia as over-cautious, but are they right to worry?

Getting used to a new, hotter home

Climate change is the biggest and most obvious issue facing the future of Australia. The temperatures will change. There will be shifts in rainfall patterns. There will be more natural disasters and extreme weather events. Our ecosystems will be forced to change. We don’t yet know the extent of the change, or how much we will have to adapt. But we do know that there need to be changes from the personal to the global level to reduce emissions and adapt to the change in climate.

You probably know the general gist. The temperatures will rise by up to 4°C by 2050. This doesn’t sound like lots, but it will work out to over 85 days over 30°C in Adelaide (previously the average was 49). We will kiss winter goodbye.

The temperature will warm the ocean, which in turn will melt ice, and then increase the sea level. It will also increase the ocean’s acidity, impacting the marine life.

We are running out of natural resources. Most of our natural coal and gas will be gone by 2050.

With the current temperature projections up to 70% of ecosystems will be threatened. In the place of rapidly disappearing native flora and fauna are invasive species that can withstand the heat.

We have a growing population and will need more food and water. We have a very productive farming industry, but this could be impacted by the changes in climate. Our water demand will double by 2050, and with less rainfall restrictions are looking likely.

It’s a lot! And it’s scary! But people are moving. In the Global Climate Strikes of September 2019 we have seen over 4 million people strike around the world. With strikes taking place in over 150 countries, it was the largest climate mobilisation in history. Action needs to take place on a global scale. If not, well, you’ll find us bunking with Julia.

There are images of bushfires and embers in this exhibit that some visitors may find distressing.

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