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A true entrepreneur and CEO, Luca’s plan for great-grandmother’s land is to develop it. With Eucalara Bay, everyone’s dreams come true. With a growing population and a new climate, Eucalara Bay can be the magical, modern city that we all need. Take a look in the show room at MOD. and choose which facilities you think Luca must include.

What will the cities of the future look like?

The UN has predicted that the global population is going to hit 9.8 billion by 2050. In Australia, a country where most of us live in cities, the population could reach 42 million. Where will all these new people live?

Current research describes liveable cities as walkable and attached to public transport. They have public green spaces and there’s access to food and places to go out. Houses are affordable, and there are jobs with an easy commute Saying that, no Australian city performs well on all these categories. With the size of cities swelling to keep up with the people, what will this mean?

It’s probably going to result in more high-density living. And you see this already with Adelaide’s suburbs rife with subdivision and apartments shooting up across the city skyline. Research also predicts that public transport needs to improve. And there needs to be more green spaces for when those living in smaller plots of land need time outdoors.

As it stands, Adelaide is the most park-poor capital in Australia, so we could do with more public green spaces. These spaces are good for wellbeing, but they also keep the temperature down. As the temperature rises, it is worth remembering that parks have lower temperatures than city streets. A study in California has linked tree-lined streets with reduced use of air conditioning in summer.

So, what should Luca include in Eucalara Bay? What will Australia need in 2050? It’s up to you to decide.

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