2022 STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress

Posted 28 Sep

Dylan DeLosAngeles
STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress

MOD. was again thrilled to host students from the STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress and provide Aboriginal learners with a range of interactive and challenging STEM-related learning experiences.

The STEM Aboriginal Learner Congress is a Department for Education initiative aimed at inspiring the next generation of young Aboriginal scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians. 160 government schools (about 600 Aboriginal learners and 350 support staff) gathered at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Thursday 18 August and Friday 19 August, and also attended offsite workshops across the city .

The MOD. workshops, called Electrons to photons: Making the unseen seen (and heard) engaged students in activities that brought to life key concepts and knowledge in STEM-related disciplines. Around 30 students ranging from years 5 to 10, and 10 teachers, participated in two main activities:

  1. Experimenting with electrical circuits by making rings, lanyards, bracelets and other accessories using colourful LEDs, coin batteries, and conductive materials;
  2. Experimenting with touch sensors and a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) player. This required some basic programming with Arduino using the C++ coding language.

Students were inspired, excited, intrigued, and challenged during the two 1.5 hour workshops, after which they explored the current exhibition at MOD., INVISIBILITY.

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