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This exhibit was part of the exhibition FLEX which ran from 17 January – 24 November 2023.


Look up and see a network pulsing through the air.  This network can learn, adapt and evolve over time.  It can even respond to you. You might find a network like this in our brains, where neurons act as the link between our mind and body, moulded and changed by our experiences.

This adaptability is now being used to push the limits of technology as the AI systems we are increasingly surrounding ourselves in are modelled on ‘neural networks’ that allow us to process information in a non-linear way.

The human brain is complex system of billions of neurons interlinked in networks that are constantly changing as we grow, learn and make memories.  These circuits are responsible for everything from how we sense the world around us, the emotions we feel, and the way we move our bodies.

Even though our brains grow to 90% of their full size by age 5, it is not until our mid 20s that the full hardwiring of our neural connections is complete, and these connections are still able to adapt because of neural plasticity – the ability of neurons to strengthen or weaken their connections in response to information.


Explainer: Nature, Nurture and Neuroplasticity

AI will soon become impossible for humans to comprehend – the story of neural networks tells us why

Neural Nexus image taken from underneath the sculpture
Neural Nexus image taken from underneath the sculpture


Neural Nexus sculpture showing how it lit up at night
Neural Nexus at night