“It is time of building sturdy wind and water proof shelters (wodlis) out of large branches from fallen trees for the coming of the wet and cold. A community of shelters were built to provide warmth and protection from the icy cold South West winds that begin to blow.”

In this interactive seasonal story, Story Teller and Artist Karl ‘Winda’ Telfer from the Mullawirra Meyunna – the Dry Forest people, will take you on a journey in preparation for the Kaurna Meyunna season of Wodliworngatti, the season between May and June.

Each season forms part of the overall work Kuri Kurru (Turning Circle).

Kuri Kurru (Turning Circle) our Kaurna seasonal touchscreens was awarded WINNER of Permanent Exhibition or Gallery Fitout at Museum and Galleries National Awards (MAGNA) at the Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) 2022 Conference.

“An innovative, accessible and powerful multimedia interactive. Kuri Kuru (Turning Circle) is a beautiful and evocative installation which beautifully connects visitors with Indigenous Knowledge via engaging and immersive technology.”

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