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This exhibit was part of the exhibition FLEX which ran from 17 January – 24 November 2023.

It’s not every day that you see art come alive.

Miny’tji immersive Mapping invites you to consider what the past, current, and future of Aboriginal storytelling.

Using your own device, watch as these AR stories come to life. The artists bring us on a journey to reveal hidden layers of Freshwater-Saltwater stories from Yolŋu Homelands in North Eastern Arnhem Land.

These works capture a new way of exploring cultural stories and connecting remote homelands through technology.

What can you see?

Miny’tji draws on the customary design and art practice of the Yolngu of East Arnhem Land. This rich tapestry of totemic imagery is boldly brought to life in 3D animation and revealed using Augmented Reality.  

Building on ten years of collaborative cultural activities on Yolŋu Homelands, this work-in-progress presentation offers glimpses of current, past and future educational and immersive curatorial experiences.  The project highlights the infrastructural developments required to better equip communities with the requisite skills and training for curating ‘Metaverse Mala’ – the transmission of immersive interactive cultural events and engagements direct, from Homeland to Exhibition.  

This work is presented by Goŋ Wanhurr, an Indigenous-owned and operated not-for-profit organisation based in North Eastern Arnhem Land. G Wanhurr promote Yolngu Homeland empowerment through arts and cultural engagements.



  • Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.04.27 am

    Mäna (Shark)

    Artist: Sally Nirrkuiga Mununggurr (Dhuwa)

    Language: Djapu clan | Dhuruputjpi Homeland, East Arnhem, NT

  • Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.04.37 am

    Nyŋaḻa (Fish)

    Artist: Wendy Yamarrawuy Munyarryun (Yirritja)

    Language: Wangurri clan, Dhalinybuy Homeland, NT

  • Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.04.48 am

    Wakwak (Water Lily)

    Artist: Sharon Wutjawuy Gurruwiwi (Dhuwa)

    Language: Galpu clan, Dhalinybuy Homeland, NT

  • Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.04.58 am

    Mutjalanjal (Dolphin Breeding Season)

    Artist: Steven Guruminbuy Marika (Dhuwa)

    Language: Rirratjingu clan, Dhalinybuy Homeland, NT

    Artist Desciption:

    “THE SEASON OF THE DOLPHIN: In the Northeast of Arnhem Land there is a place called Bremmer Island (Dhambalaya), which is not far – just an hour boat ride – from the town of Nhulunbuy. There are two moieties in Homelands, and there is Dhuwa and Yirritja country. The Dhuwa sing the Dolphin songs around Dhambalaya, which is Bremmer Island. The clans who sing this song are Rirratjingu, Gälpu, Djambarrpyuŋu. It is a very special totem to us. These days we don’t see much [dolphin], because too many ships come from overseas. But our songs are still alive as we sing them [as they] come and go. When it is breeding time they come back and whistle as they cry for the island they love, Dhambalaya – Bremma island.” Gurumin Marika.


  • Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 11.05.08 am

    Miapunu Rrathan (Turtle Breeding Season)

    Artist: Steven Guruminbuy Marika (Dhuwa)

    Language: Rirratjingu clan, Dhalinybuy Homeland, NT

    Artist Desciption:

    “In October to December the turtle nest, and lay their eggs in the sand. They always do. Yolŋu traditional people hunt turtle with harpoon on a boat like today and in the past old days. Yolŋu sometime go out to get one or two turtle for special occasions, like ceremonies. Dhuwa sings turtle – Rirratjingu – Djapu – Djambarrpyuŋu clans all sings turtle, the green back.” Gurumin Marika


Transcript for Miny’tji Immersive Mapping here.

Audio description:

A wheelchair sympol, an open caption symbol, a hearing loop symbol, and an Audio Description symbol.

paintings of underwater nature on signs hanging from balaustrade
Miny’tji Mapping


artworks of fish and turtles hanging on sign on balaustrade
Miny’tji Mapping


A visitor using their phone to activate the AR layer to the Miny'tji Mapping interactive art
A visitor using their phone to activate the AR layer to the Miny’tji Mapping interactive art

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