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How have your last few years been? Confusing? Scary? Maybe even a little bit sad? Imagine going through it without a support network. This is the reality for the many children who live in care. 

These children don’t always have a safe person to turn to, and the disruption of things like school and sport can make them far more at risk. Who cares to stop and listen to the needs of these kids?

Kelly Ryan is a PhD Candidate in child protection law, unpacking the legal rights, risks, and responsibilities of foster carers to improve the lives of children in care. Her image, Ring a Ring o’ Roses, won the UniSA Image of Research for 2020, but in the gallery you can see a few of her other photographs from this series. 

The pandemic has impacted children living in regional South Australia, but particularly for children living in foster care who would have had access to schools, sport, and peers. 

Kelly says, “The events of [2020] have made already invisible, vulnerable children more so. Children who should be engrossed in the joys of childhood but are far more at risk under these circumstances.”


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