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Your phone doesn’t need to be listening to know everything about you. Every day our devices track everything we do. The time we wake up, the steps we take, the people we swipe on, the things we buy. This data gets distributed to companies with and without our permission and goes on to impact the world around us. 

This phenomenon can be pretty scary at times, but the better we understand it, the better we can act on it.

The Glass Room is a public intervention that aims to educate about technology. With a sleek tech shop vibe, visitors can freely and critically discuss their relationships with data privacy. 

Having toured Europe and the US, Tactical Tech will be visiting Australia for the first time in 2022 with this exhibition curated for MOD.’s audience.


Animations by Tactical Tech

Tactical Tech have created a series of animations that showcase the inner workings of the devices we use every day.

  • The Real Life of Your Selfie: What goes on behind your selfie? How does facial recognition work?
  • Six Easy Steps: What do they do to make your phone addictive?
  • A Data Day: What sort of information are you giving away every time you tick “I agree”? Let’s find out.
  • Your Phone Number is not only Yours: Do you know all of the ways that your phone number is shared?

Open the Box by Tactical Tech

A selection of videos and hands-on tools that give you ways to see what your data looks like and what it’s doing once you’ve inadvertently donated it to corporations around the globe.

  • Fake or Real: Can you spot the fake Internet of Things devices?
  • Deep Fake Lab: Researchers take you behind the scenes of how deep fakes are made and how you can spot them.
  • Double Check: Image editing makes it easy to spread mis-information. Can you spot the fake?


Unintended Emissions by the Critical Engineering Working Group

Your devices constantly are emitting data. The Critical Engineering Working Group makes use of this data to passively scan the room for device signals, and displays where you’ve recently been.


Forgot your Password by Aram Bartholl

Is your password unique? Maybe not. Artist Aram Bartholl has compiled 4.6 million personal passwords that were leaked in the LinkedIn hack of 2012. Can you find yours?


Amazonification by La Loma and Tactical Tech

Amazon is often in the news for design innovations born from a desire for worker optimisation. Often labelled cruel, this piece shows Amazon’s patents for some of the wearable technologies they have designed for workers.


Google Society by Tactical Tech and La Loma

When journalist Kashmir Hill gave up Google’s products for a week, she didn’t anticipate how much it would impact her life. How would your week look without Google? And is it even possible?


Fertility Chip by Tactical Tech and La Loma

In 2021, the Gates Foundation gave a grant of close to $16 million AUD to develop a microchip that could be implanted to control fertility for up to 16 years. Imagine the benefits for people in remote places who can’t access health care. Is the answer technology?


The Hidden Life of an Amazon User by Joana Moll

This project showcases the vast amount of code that is hidden behind Amazon’s interfaces and how much energy you expend while scrolling. You may be paying for more than you think.


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