Staring at our own four four walls can get pretty boring, but what if we could band together with our friends to fight the forces of darkness that are threatening the very fabric of reality? Table Top Role Playing games have had a massive resurgence online during lockdown, but why is everyone suddenly in a rush to exercise their imaginations when they already have so many electronic games? We have game night sorted, and this time it isn’t virtual.

We all need to feel a little more excitement right now, so we have created our very own Table Top Role Playing Game, Museum Shift, where you can step into the shoes of staff at a fantasy museum, to work together with your friends and expel an alien invasion or two. Will your team collaborate and successfully expel the sentient velociraptor skeleton, or will one renegade dominate the whole museum riding on the back of a dinosaur? It is collaborative storytelling and it doesn’t make sense, but neither does life right now.


Museum.Shift will be open on Thursdays from 4.30pm, watch here

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  • Register for Museum.Shift 👉 here 👈 Playing every Thursday from 5pm – 6:30pm. Age limit: 15+