Can you fight for peace?


Nov 2018 - Apr 2019

MOD. North Terrace adjacent Morphett Street Bridge

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WAGING PEACE was MOD.’s second exhibition, attracting 41,419 visitors. 

Sleep Ops was awarded a Highly Commended Award for the Australian Museum and Galleries Association Awards for Temporary and Travelling Exhibitions in May 2019. Sleep Ops was also awarded a Gold Award at the SA/NT Design Industry Awards for Exhibition Studio’s work in November 2019. Patrick Gilson and Jack Ryan of Cabra Dominican College were awarded an Honourable Mention for the PRIMER19 Emerging Designer Exhibition in June 2019 for their Kindness Credit Microchip, as part of the Peace Machines exhibit.

If you didn’t get to see it, or just miss hanging out in the soft, safe womb of Sleep Ops, check out the 360 degree video below and re-live the memories.


WAGING PEACE asks whether it is possible to proactively and aggressively pursue peace.

MOD. welcomes you to its second exhibition, where you can explore how we might pursue peace through collaboration or control.

We invite you to change your perception through serious games, explore what happens when you are dealing with high conflict situations while getting insufficient sleep, and consider how networks can manipulate our reality.

WAGING PEACE runs from 27th November 2018 through to 28th April 2019.

Curatorial assistance provided by Gill Hicks and Matt Opie

Find this exhibition at the UniSA Library