What does peace mean to you?  

This is one of the questions that we asked when we commissioned new research into South Australia’s perceptions of peace. We were surprised by the results. It turns out that most South Australians do not spend much time thinking about peace. It is a fuzzy concept, associated with anything from shoes to cupcakes.

Clearly, peace needs some help with brand awareness.  

University of South Australia Communication Design and Illustration students were tasked with the job of using this data to re-brand peace and to convince us that peace is worth fighting for.

The soundtrack to the gallery is a community effort: a playlist of songs that represent peace to our visitors. You can also listen to it here.


Want to know more about what South Australians think about peace?

The outcomes from the initial public survey including our infographics and student illustrations are available in our Brand Peace Booklet.

How have UniSA students rebranded peace?

Here are a few of our favourites.

Samuel Kolesnik
Isabel Clifford
Emily Renner

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