Complex systems change to better suit the environment.

Octopus are complex systems. They use adaptations like camouflage, inking, jet propulsion, gene editing, venom and regeneration to better survive and reproduce.

By adopting an octopus and using some of these adaptations, you can help your octopus live its best life.

Let’s complicate things

Octopus exhibit a number of traits that help them adapt to their environment and survive:

Camouflage: Octopus and other cephalopods can instantly change the colour and texture of their skin to match their surroundings.

Inking: When pursued by a predator, an octopus releases a dark pigment that briefly conceals the octopus. The “ink” also contains a chemical that inhibits the predator’s sense of smell.

Jet Propulsion: In an emergency, octopus can move rapidly using jet propulsion, where they force water through a funnel to propel themselves in the opposite direction.

Other Adaptations: Octopus can also fit into tiny crevices because they lack skeletons, sacrifice a limb (which regenerates) to escape predators, and produce venom to paralyse prey.