“Ngai Icharlie – My friends, do you see what sits within my song? Purle, my Spirit, my ancestors, my story of place, my dreaming. See my light, see my heart, you are light too, touch and see. Journey with me my friends and I will share light, heart and spirit of this place.”

Purle Munaintya, meaning “star lore” in the language of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains, is an interactive touchscreen story that will take you on a journey during the Kaurna season of Kudlilla, the wet season between July – September.

Written by Kaurna cultural bearer, community leader and artist Karl ‘Winda” Telfer, Purle Munaintya asks: what can the star-filled night sky tell us? What can the land tell us?

You will find out that you are an important part of this unfolding story…

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